We are able to under take tasks in developing business application based on the users' demand. We have a group of developers with experience in web application and Mobile Apps.


We provide Trainings for all our systems and provide the necessary support. We know that the strength of any system system rely on a good and consistent support. We also offer general support in the field of information and communication technology . We provide on site and remote support to our customers with and outside Lusaka.


We offer several web services to our clients such as: WEB HOSTING, DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION, BUSINESS EMAILS AND WEB DEVELOPMENT

Our focus is to help businesses  run at the speed of the World in the area of Technology. An investment in technology is the energy of the business.

Robbin Mchinzi – CEO

About Us

Let Us Be Your IT Support Team For Your Business

Robb-tech system is an incorporated IT business currently with clients within and outside Lusaka
We Offers flexible IT support, professional IT project delivery and IT expert

We support small and medium-sized businesses to improve organizational and individual
performance by leveraging well- managed IT infrastructure, backed up by expert IT support and

Oue Services


For clients (who may also be in Full Support or Complementary support clients) seeking a reliable and proven partner to deliver ICT projects.

Server Integrity Management

Including, but not limited to, single server images, application servers installation and support, system statistics

Disaster Recovery Planning

Analysis, construction and publishing of a "Disaster Recovery Plan" (DRP).

We Are Here To Serve You

The world is going digital, Robb-Tech is here to help you evolve with the information
networking systems that take place in the most complex and changing business world distinctly
affected by scientific and technological innovations.

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